Laura Cooper

Hi there! I’m Laura Cooper! Welcome to XP! I’m so excited that you’re here!


First of all, If I mention anything about Harry Potter, LOTR, DND, DBZ, DTR’s or anything else owned by anyone other than me- let me be the first to say that I don’t own any of those things- I’m just a fan. Loving everything. This is all just me being a fan of culture, creativity, and cartoons! I used to live in China, so many of my comics are about my adventures as an expat there. I currently live in the USA and am looking for a full time career as an illustrator. Until then, I’ll be making XP my focus.


I don’t draw XP for money. But I do draw for money. If you would like to commission some artwork by me, I would be thrilled to be your artist!


If you’re interested in working with me, my email is [email protected]

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If you have any questions about XP- feel free to comment, or email me.


I will be updating XP biweekly: Monday and Thursday afternoons.


Thank you, again, for your viewership! I hope you enjoy the adventures to come. See you soon!